Russia intensifies attacks in Kherson and Donetsk

- Ukraine launches drone strike on Russian fuel depots     

Russia intensifies attacks in Kherson and Donetsk

Moscow/Kyiv: Russian forces have intensified attacks in Kherson and Donetsk in southern Ukraine. For the past few days, missiles and artillery shells, rockets and mortars have been fired continuously in Kherson city and various cities of Donetsk region. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that Russia is preparing to take major action in southern Ukraine in the wake of these attacks. Meanwhile, Ukraine has launched a drone attack on fuel depots in Russia’s Bryansk province, which is said to be a region used by the Russian military.  

Kherson and DonetskRussia has greatly intensified its operations in Kherson and Donetsk after disrupting electricity and water supply systems by launching missile attacks on the main cities of Ukraine. Ukraine has informed that Russia carried out more than 250 attacks on Kherson in just one week. Britain’s intelligence agency confirmed this and informed that as many as 54 attacks were carried out in one day. Due to these attacks, the Ukrainian army, which has taken over Kherson, has not yet been able to restore the original status of the city. At the same time, it is said that efforts to push back the Russian army by gaining control of the other part of the Dnipro River have cooled down.  

While continuing the attacks on Kherson, Russia also launched massive attacks in eastern Ukraine. In the last few days, Russia is said to have taken control of nearly four new areas in the Donbas region. The Russian army has also advanced towards Bakhmut, and Russian news agencies have claimed that the resistance from the Ukrainian military has decreased. According to the Russian Defence Ministry, Sumy and Kharkiv, along with the areas in Donbas, are also being hit. Against the background of these rising attacks by Russia, Ukrainian President Zelensky has claimed that Russia is preparing to take major action in southern Ukraine.  

Meanwhile, Ukraine was revealed to have launched a drone attack on fuel depots in the Bryansk region of Russia. Due to these attacks, large fires broke out in three large oil tanks in this area. According to Russian sources, the fire has spread in an area of four square kilometres. Ukraine also targeted fuel depots in Belgorod last month. The fuel stockpiles targeted in Wednesday’s attacks are said to be part of Russian military supplies. Ukraine has repeatedly attacked Russian territories bordering the region in recent months.  


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