Another powerful explosion rocks Lebanon’s Beirut, destroys Hezbollah arms depot   

Another powerful explosion rocks Lebanon’s Beirut, destroys Hezbollah arms depot   

Beirut: After seven weeks, Lebanon was rocked by another powerful blast. The explosion occurred at a Hezbollah arms warehouse in Ain Qana to the south of capital Beirut in which many have been reported injured. Hezbollah terrorists and supporters set up a security cordon around the blast site after the explosion and denied entry to the media. Also, Hezbollah and Lebanese agencies have cited technical error as the cause of the blast. The blast is therefore being looked upon suspiciously due to its connection with Hezbollah, just like the previous blast.    

स्फोटाने हादरलेOn Tuesday, Ain Qana, a village located 30 miles away from Beirut, experienced a massive explosion. Locals living in neighbouring areas reported that the blast had sent massive tremors. The building at the blast site has burned to ashes and sent a huge column of smoke into the sky. While talking to the media, eyewitnesses claimed the blast had caused a significant number of casualties and injured hundreds. However, Hezbollah stated the explosion did not cause much damage as they tried to cover up the matter. At the same time, reports revealed that Hezbollah took control of the blast site and are now moving quickly to keep it under wraps.   

The site was believed to be Hezbollah’s storehouse for Iran-supplied arms, which included rockets and stash of missiles. The explosion is therefore likely to have caused a deafening sound. The exact cause of the blast could not be determined. Moreover, Hezbollah tried to suppress the incident by blaming it on a technical error. The terror group has not commented on the mysterious blast on Aug 4 in Beirut. 

स्फोटाने हादरलेNevertheless, over time, Hezbollah was found to have stored massive amounts of ammonium nitrate in a warehouse, which had caused the blasts. The explosion had claimed the lives of 200 people while a thousand were wounded. Besides, the blasts had sparked protests against Hezbollah across Lebanon.   

Israeli media outlets have accused Hezbollah of stashing ammonium nitrate for launching attacks on Israel. The news outlet has highlighted that a few years ago, Hezbollah had even threatened Israel of doing so. The US and Israel accused the terror group of stockpiling ammonium nitrate in Europe as well with Iran’s assistance. In the past few years, such stockpiles were seized in raids on locations of Hezbollah supporters by European security agencies. Reports had suggested the ammonium nitrate was meant for explosives, which can target the US and Israeli interests in Europe, under instructions from Iran and Hezbollah chief.    

Meanwhile, local Lebanese news agencies assert Israeli jets flew over the blast site several times before explosion occurred at Ain Qana. According to the news agencies, Israeli jets continued the overflights till Tuesday morning. Israel has denied comment on the latest blast in Lebanon. 

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