Imran Khan’s ‘Naya Pakistan’ will not give up anti-India policy, mentions Kashmir in his first address after victory

Imran Khan’s ‘Naya Pakistan’ will not give up anti-India policy, mentions Kashmir in his first address after victory

Islamabad: It has become clear in his victory speech that there will be nothing new to expect for India from Imran Khan’s ‘Naya Pakistan’. Imran Khan who had been talking about taking the initiative to improve relations with India has said that ‘Kashmir’ is the biggest problem between the two countries. Imran Khan also blamed India for violating human rights in Kashmir, without any mention whatsoever of terrorism in his speech. At the same time, he expressed regret that the Indian media have projected him as a villain.

As per the claims made by the analysts in Pakistan and around the world, the PTI has taken the lead in the elections. Although there is no majority, it is clear that the PTI will mostly form the next government. The PTI candidates are believed to have won 120 seats. The number required for a majority is of 137 members, and it looks like the PTI will not have any difficulty in gaining the majority. The most critical factor in these elections turned out to be the work performed by the Pakistan military and the infamous intelligence agency, ISI for the PTI party. The analysts who have always warned of the Pakistani military’s repeated mistake of interfering in politics and elections have warned that this time the mistake will prove to be extremely costly.

‘Naya Pakistan’, victory, Imran Khan, PTI, Kashmir, terrorism, criticise, Pakistan, AfghanistanThere has been much malpractice in the elections, and it is shocking that the PTI candidates have won from Punjab which is Nawaz Sharif’s sphere of influence. The success of Imran Khan and the PTI in the city of Karachi, where they don’t have any influence has been claimed to raise suspicion. It is the reason behind the leading political parties in Pakistan to have refused to accept the results of these elections. Imran Khan tried to calm the opposition with the assurance of an enquiry concerned with all the objections raised against the polls.

Imran Khan said that his victory would strengthen the democracy in the country and promised to offer a clean and transparent government to the people of Pakistan. Khan said that the cooperation of the neighbouring countries was essential for maintaining peace and stability in Pakistan and made a foremost mention of its relations with China.

Imran Khan has shown the dream of the complete transformation of Pakistan’s economy through the CPEC project. Therefore, it is clear that the new Pakistani Prime Minister is going to adopt pro-China policies. China is giving loans at a higher rate of interest to Pakistan under the pretext of the CPEC project which is threatening the sovereignty of Pakistan, is the concern expressed by some of the senior analysts.

Imran Khan mentioned Kashmir while speaking of India. ‘The Kashmir issue cannot be resolved with force. It can be resolved only through discussions. Our government is willing for discussions on the subject. If the Indian leadership takes one step for this cause, we will take two’, claimed Khan. However, in reality, Imran Khan seems to have taken a few steps backwards by talking about Indian atrocities in Kashmir without any mention of terrorism. Imran Khan expressed regret criticising that the Indian media for having portrayed his image as a villain. Meanwhile, one on the Indian analysts has claimed a strong possibility of the situation worsening in Pakistan under the leadership of Imran Khan, who is unaware of the reality and proposes pseudo-idealism.

Imran Khan will soon realise that the real power rests in the hands of the Pakistan military and not his. He will then understand that he will not be able to fulfil the promises made to the masses and this will disillusion him and the Pakistani public, is what some of the analysts have said. To bring stability to Pakistan, it is necessary to establish peace and security in Afghanistan. Even though Imran Khan has proposed the stance of offering help for this purpose, this can squander the Pakistani military’s plan to dominate this country and use it against India. Therefore, the Pakistan military will never allow that to happen, is what the analysts are pointing out. Critics are also trying to make Imran Khan well aware that if Pakistan refuses to help the United States in the war against terrorism in Afghanistan, his country will have to face dire consequences.

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