Ukraine launches new attacks in Russian regions after drone strikes

- Russian President calls them terrorist attacks 

Ukraine launches new attacks in Russian regions after drone strikes

Moscow/Kyiv: Ukraine has launched new attacks on Russian territory after successive drone attacks on Russia. On Thursday morning, the attacks were carried out with the help of mortars in Bryansk and Kursk. At the same time, people from two villages in the Bryansk province were held hostage by a group from Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine of carrying out the attack. Ukraine and the United States have rebuffed reports of the attacks, claiming that the incident must have been part of Russia’s ‘False Flag Attack’.  

new attacksUkraine carried out drone strikes in various parts of Russia for three consecutive days, from Monday to Wednesday. On Monday, attacks were launched with the help of three drones on the Belgorod province, which is on the Ukrainian border. On Tuesday, Ukraine tried to target the energy project in the capital Moscow. On Tuesday, an attempt was made to target the energy plant near the capital Moscow. There was also an attempt to launch drone attacks on the Bryansk province on Tuesday. According to the Defence Ministry, ten drones were used to carry out a major attack in Russia’s Crimea province on Wednesday.  

President Vladimir Putin took serious note of all these attacks even though each one had been foiled. In the wake of the drone attacks that took place successively, President Putin had issued an alert by holding a meeting of the intelligence agencies, defence forces and other security agencies. Deployments were stepped up in many areas along the Russian-Ukraine border. Attacks by Ukraine were launched despite it and thereby assume much significance.  

On Thursday morning, the artillery and mortars were fired from the Ukrainian border in the Tetkino area of Kursk province. Several houses and buildings were damaged, and casualties were also reported. After the attack, a Ukrainian group attacked two villages in the Klimovsky district of Bryansk. During the attack, indiscriminate firing was carried out on villagers, and a group of villagers, including children, were held hostage in one village. Russian intelligence agencies and internal security forces have responded to the group, and local authorities claimed the situation was under control.  

new attacks

President Putin cancelled his planned visit on Thursday and held a meeting of senior officials in the wake of the drone attacks. At the meeting, Putin alleged that the incident in Bryansk was an act of terrorism. He also said that neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine carried out the attack. Putin also said that Russian agencies had given a befitting reply to him. Ukraine has denied reports that it was behind the attacks in Russia. The United States also said that there was no attack or act of sabotage from Ukraine. Moreover, Ukraine and the United States have claimed that the incident could be part of Russia’s ‘False Flag Attack’. 

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