Biden’s policies are making Iran nuclear-ready

- Former Director of US Intelligence John Ratcliffe  

Biden’s policies are making Iran nuclear-ready

Washington – A Former Director of US Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, warned that President Joe Biden was terribly handling the Iranian nuclear issue. He said that if the situation continues, Biden will ‘allow Iran to become the tenth member of the ‘Nuclear Club’ of nations, which would be a legacy that presidents will have to deal with for a long, long time after Joe Biden is gone.’  

In an interview with a leading US news channel, John Ratcliffe expressed concern over the Biden administration’s Iran-related moves. Biden’s stance on Iran’s nuclear deal would be dangerous for the Middle East, including the United States, Ratcliffe said. For this, the former chief of the intelligence department exemplified the decisions taken by the administration of then-President Donald Trump a year ago.  

Former President Trump established peace in the Middle East by uniting Israel and the Arab countries through the Abraham Agreement. Simultaneously, by imposing tough economic sanctions, Iran had been made economically weaker and less influential, Ratcliffe recalled. ‘They were literally on the verge of bankruptcy. We had prosecuted their terrorist leaders to final justice like Qasem Soleimani and now you look at what’s happening. In one short year, how the tables have turned,’ Ratcliffe criticised.  

गुप्तचरRatcliffe said that Biden’s administration gave Iran rights to negotiate, which was on its knees. ‘The Biden Administration has literally begged Iran back to the negotiating table to try and rehabilitate the failed Iranian nuclear deal, and we’re not even allowed to negotiate on our behalf. Our two biggest adversaries, China and Russia, are negotiating with Iran,’ he drew attention towards this. Ratcliffe forthrightly opinionated that ‘lifting sanctions on the central bank, on the National Iranian Oil Company, on the IRGC the Iranian Revolutionary guard,’ would not make any difference.  

Besides, Ratcliffe accused the Biden administration of negotiating with terrorists. The former US intelligence chief accused the Biden administration of giving ‘blank checks’ to Iran for doing anything through these negotiations. ‘Iranians are playing us, our biggest ally in the Middle East, Israel, is saying Iran is playing you, they are at breakout trying to finish getting to a nuclear weapon and you need to go back to the Trump maximum pressure campaign, but I don’t think we’re going to do that in this administration,’ Ratcliffe made such harsh remarks.  

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has reached quite close to a nuclear deal with Iran, the leading US daily has claimed, citing sources. Whereas Iran has warned that the 2015 nuclear deal would be revived only if the United States agrees to our demands. Former US intelligence and defence forces officials like Ratcliffe are fiercely criticising the Biden administration in such a scenario. Leaders of the opposition are also making aware that the US influence is terminating across the Middle East on account of the policies of President Biden. 

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