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Taiwan is not a part of China: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo  

Washington: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made a direct appeal as he said that ‘Taiwan is not a part of China and policy concerning it was determined three decades ago by Regan administration. The US is still adhering to it and was accepted by both parties.’ China is quite unsettled with Pompeo’s statements and has threatened harsh retaliation to those dealing a blow to its interests. Simultaneously, Taiwan has welcomed the US State Secretary’s remarks and reiterated that Taiwan is a sovereign and independent nation.  


In an interview on a US radio network, host Hugh Hewitt had asked questions on policies of the Trump Administration and threats by China. Pompeo replied by saying Taiwan was not a part of China. Also, China must honour the promises it has made to Taiwan in the past, Pompeo warned.   

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has indicated the US is going to maintain its stance on Taiwan as he said, ‘The US is committed to keeping its word given to Taiwan, and it is important to fulfil it. The US has decided to sell advanced weaponry to Taiwan to enable expansion of its defence capabilities. The US took this step so that China and Taiwan adhere to the promises they have made to one another.’ At the time, Pompeo took aim at the Chinese Communist Party and warned it the US is going to continue with its campaign to avert the threat posed by its activities. Besides, the US Secretary of State has stated the White House, Department of State and Department of Treasury were soon to announce decisions against China.  

US President Donald Trump has adopted an overly active stand when it comes to cooperation with Taiwan. The US diplomatic mission in Taiwan, the US National Security Advisor’s meeting with Taiwanese Ministers and growing defence cooperation are all believed a part of Trump’s stand. President Trump had taken the historic decision to supply Taiwan fighter jets after nearly three decades. After that, the US is also going to provide Taiwan modern missiles, Torpedo and advanced defence systems as well. The US has also stepped up its deployments near Taiwanese waters and has ratcheted up the presence of its aircraft carriers, destroyers, drones, surveillance planes and fighter jets.  

China has expressed its resentment over the US stand time and again as also issued warnings. The US has openly snubbed it while maintaining its tough stance. Nevertheless, Pompeo’s remark where he said Taiwan is not a part of China, is an open challenge to Bejing’s ‘One China Policy’. A few months ago, the US had delivered a significant jolt to China by rejecting all of its claims over the South China Sea. Now, by dealing a blow to its claims over Taiwan, it has hinted at taking the diplomatic war with China to a new level altogether. 

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