Russia is prepared for the worst if a new Cold War sparks with US, Russian spokesperson says  

Russia is prepared for the worst if a new Cold War sparks with US, Russian spokesperson says  

Moscow/Washington: Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov asserted that Russia has always tried to maintain good relations with the United States, but it is prepared for a new Cold War as well. A few days ago, US President Biden called Russian President Putin ‘a killer’ and warned of initiating action against him. Putin then responded to the US president by saying that he was ready for direct online talks with him. In the wake of the events, the claims made by President Putin’s spokesperson about the Cold War are noteworthy.  

US President Joe Biden has taken an aggressive stance against Russia since he came to power. Criticizing former President Donald Trump’s stand, Biden had warned that he would not be rolling over before Russia. In the past two months, Biden has been making a spate of decisions against Russia, including sanctions imposed on Navalny, announcement of new defence aid to Ukraine, and warnings against cyberattacks.  

A report released by a US agency a few days ago accused Russia of meddling in the 2020 elections. Russia has repeatedly expressed its displeasure with Biden’s stance and has said, time and again, that it will give a tit-for-tat response. Russia had not made a major decision against the United States so far. Nevertheless, the situation has changed since President Biden’s remarks about the Russian president, and Russia has also initiated an aggressive stance against the United States.  

The decision to recall the Russian ambassador to the US and Putin’s criticism of Biden are all believed a part of the changed Russian stance. Now, the Russian presidential spokesperson has made a direct statement about the new Cold War and signalled that tensions between the two countries had reached a tipping point. Peskov hinted at a possible new Cold War as he said, ‘Biden’s remarks about President Putin cannot be ignored. Russia has tried to maintain good relations with the United States. At the same time, however, Russia is always ready for the worst if it comes to that.’  

But even as he drew attention to a potential new Cold War, the Russian presidential spokesperson clarified that President Putin had expressed his desire to continue cooperating with the United States. Also, the presidential spokesperson said President Putting believes that ‘No matter what happens, there is no point in engaging in a brawl with the United States and blaming tradition. It’s important to maintain relations.’ 

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