Israel launches pounding air raids on Hezbollah sites in Syria 

Damascus: Syrian media has asserted Israeli fighter jets have launched air attacks on the Syrian capital Damascus and Quneitra province. A Syrian Human Rights group has reported the death of nine individuals in the air attacks. At the same time, Israeli warplanes targeted Hezbollah bases during the attacks. Two days ago, Iran had threatened Israel and said, it has escaped after striking Syria and that its end was near. Therefore, by launching fresh attacks on Syria, Israel has demonstrated it is unwilling to heed to any of Iran’s warnings. 

हवाई हल्लेSyrian government’s mouthpiece ‘SANA’ and ‘Al-Ikhbariya’ have reported news on the Israeli air raids. On Tuesday around midnight, Israeli fighters launched attacks to the south of capital Damascus and at Quneitra province near the border at Golan Heights. The Syrian media have said the air defence systems of the Syrian military foiled the attacks. Simultaneously, the media also claimed that even though there were no casualties, the attacks did cause minimal economic damage. 

However, as per UK-based human rights groups, the attacks targeted Iranian troops in Syria as even Hezbollah-controlled arms warehouses. The human rights group has reported that 8 Hezbollah terrorists were killed at the military base of Jabal Mane Heights during the invasion. Also, an Israeli daily has stated attacks were made at Hezbollah base in Syria, but Israeli Defense Forces have not commented on the matter.  

The attack is the second one in a week on Iran-backed groups. Last Wednesday, the Israeli military had struck the Quds Force bases at Syrian-controlled Golan Heights. A minimum of 11 Quds Force troops was killed in the attacks. The Israeli army has revealed details of the operation. The military has also announced destroying a warehouse of surface-to-air missiles located at an Iranian base, by releasing satellite images of the site before and after the attacks. 

हवाई हल्लेOutraged with the events, Iran has now threatened Israel. Iranian Foreign Ministry had threatened that ‘Israel has struck Syria and evaded the scene. Its time is almost over. Attacks on Syria will receive retaliation henceforth.’ On the other hand, Israel has raised the subject of Iran’s threat at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). 

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan reminded the council that Iran had violated the 1974 accord with their country by making military movements at the Golan border as also planting explosives at Israeli locations to launch an attack. The presence of Iranian soldiers near Israel’s borders is not just a security risk to the locals but also the UN peacekeeping troops. Therefore, in a letter to the UN, Erden demanded the removal of Iranian soldiers as even Iran-backed groups in Syria. 

Taking advantage of the unrest in Syria, Iran has deployed its troops here. Likewise, even the members of the terrorist Hezbollah group, which is loyal to Iran, are fighting the Assad regime. Also, citing security risk owing to the Iranian deployment in Syria, Israel began making fierce attacks on Iranian military bases and Hezbollah militants in the country. Israel has maintained its position of not giving an official comment on reports of the strikes. 

By launching fresh airstrikes within days of Iran issuing threats to Israel over its hits on Syria, Israel has shown that it does not care about them. 

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