US State Secretary’s visit to Taiwan may provoke a ‘China-Taiwan’ war, Chinese govt mouthpiece threatens 

US State Secretary’s visit to Taiwan may provoke a ‘China-Taiwan’ war, Chinese govt mouthpiece threatens 

Beijing/Washington: China appears quite shocked due to the series of announcements from the United State on Taiwan. The Chinese government mouthpiece has issued a threat with its claims that ‘US Secretary of State may pay a last-minute visit to Taiwan and it could provoke a ‘Sino-Taiwanese war’. Just last week, State Secretary Pompeo announced the lifting of all restrictions on diplomatic relations between the United States and Taiwan. The Global Times threatened the United States, along with Taiwan as it severely criticised the announcement. 

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Given the situation since the coronavirus outbreak, China’s ruling Communist regime has stepped up its expansionist activities and is attempting to take control of various parts in the South and the East China Sea and other regions. Last year, the Chinese Communist regime succeeded in imposing its authoritarian rule on Hong Kong by enforcing the new security law. Taiwan is believed the next step in its strategy, and Chinese military officials have hinted in that direction. To thwart China’s intentions, the United States has begun to bolster and expand cooperation with Taiwan. 

visit to TaiwanOver the past few years, the United States has made massive arms sales to Taiwan, and has even moved rapidly toward political recognition for the island. During President Donald Trump’s tenure, the United States opened an official diplomatic office with the status of an embassy in Taiwan. In 2019, senior Taiwanese officials had also met with then US National Security Adviser John Bolton. Last year, the United States sent its Health Secretary Alex Azar and senior State Department official Keith Krach on a Taiwan visit. According to reports, a senior US intelligence official had also visited Taiwan. 

Now, Kelly Craft, US Ambassador to the United Nations, will also be visiting Taiwan. The visits of senior US officials are considered as diplomatic recognition for Taiwan. This has angered the Chinese regime and is repeatedly threatening the United States. The Global Times is the mouthpiece of the ruling Chinese Communist Party and it presents the regime’s stance. Therefore, the warnings and threats published in it are believed to have the support of the Chinese authorities. 

An article released on Sunday claimed that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo could visit Taiwan at the last minute. Further, The Global Times stated that If that happens, Chinese fighter jets will invade and launch attacks on Taiwan. Also, it went on the threaten that if the operation receives any opposition, it will take aggressive action and take control of Taiwan, the Global Times has threatened. 

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