Biden administration should not make the mistake of lifting sanctions on Iran: Israel PM Netanyahu

Biden administration should not make the mistake of lifting sanctions on Iran: Israel PM Netanyahu

Jerusalem: New US President Joe Biden has signalled he would reach a new nuclear deal with Iran. A reaction has therefore emerged from Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a stern warning that the Biden administration should not make the mistake of giving Iran sanctions relief unless the country shows readiness to accept all the terms of the nuclear deal. At the same time, the Israeli Prime Minister called on President Biden to cooperate in countering the threat posed by Iran to Israel and the Arab nations.

Joe Biden was sworn in as the US president on Wednesday. During his speech, Biden announced that he would be bringing together all allies again. Just hours before the inauguration, Anthony Blinken, Biden’s pick for the US Secretary of State, stated that the United States would hold talks with Israel and Arab allies in the Middle East before signing a nuclear deal with Iran. Blinken had told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the United States was ready to enter into a nuclear agreement with Iran if Iran agrees to its demands.  

Israel, however, has reacted over the Biden administration’s stance on Iran’s nuclear program. Netanyahu reminded that the threat posed by Iran, which is eager to strike a nuclear deal with the Biden administration, to Israel and the Arab countries had increased. Further, the Israeli Prime Minister called on the United States to work with Israel and the Arab nations to address Iran’s threat. Netanyahu also drew attention to the fact that cooperation had been established between Israel and the Arab countries.  

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has appealed to the Biden administration for its stance on Iran, has reportedly warned the United States during his cabinet meeting. At the time, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned the Biden administration not to make the mistake of easing sanctions on Iran unless it agreed to all the terms put forth in the new nuclear deal. A senior Israeli official told a local newspaper.  

A senior official stated that ‘Lifting sanctions on Iran without agreeing to the terms would be a reward for the country. After that, Iran will not accept any terms from the United States or any other nation. We should learn from our past experience.’ A local news channel quoted an Israeli official as saying that no further talks between the United States and Israel would be possible if the Biden administration reached a nuclear deal with Iran given the present situation.  

Meanwhile, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Arab allies have joined forces to prevent Biden’s administration from entering a nuclear deal with Iran. The countries have come together in what seems to be an effort to increase pressure on the Biden administration. 

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