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Creation of the Taliban’s interim government in Afghanistan will lead to bloodshed: President Ghani   

Kabul: President Ashraf Ghani has said the creation of Taliban’s interim government would lead to bloodshed in Afghanistan. At the same time, President Ghani called on the United States and NATO to take a tougher stance against the Taliban’s violence, saying that the United States should not rush US troops’ withdrawal. The peace deal between the United States and the Taliban is set to expire next month, with new US President Joe Biden signalling a reconsideration. At the same time, reports suggest that the Taliban, with the help of Iran and Al Qaeda, is preparing for a renewed conflict in Afghanistan.   

lead to bloodshed, At an event organized by the Aspen Institute in the United States, President Ghani expressed outrage at the Taliban’s ongoing violence. President Ghani stated that ‘The United States had assured the tensions in Afghanistan would subside after the agreement between the United States and the Taliban was reached last year. However, the violence appears to have intensified. The Taliban is not doing anything to advance the peace talks, but are looking for new reasons to avoid them. The Taliban must accept responsibility for its attacks on the Afghan army and the killings of political leaders.’   

lead to bloodshed,President Trump’s initiative had led the US and the Taliban to sign a temporary peace agreement last year. According to the agreement, the United States was to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, and the Taliban had agreed to end violence and join the peace process with the Afghan government. Even though the United States has withdrawn its troops, the Taliban have not stopped their attacks. On the contrary, the Taliban have once again taken an aggressive stance, with claims of defeating the United States and NATO.   

In the past few days, the Taliban’s ties have grown stronger with Iran and the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. The Haqqani network, which is part of the Taliban, is reportedly trying to form a new unit with Al Qaeda’s help. At the same time, the Afghan Taliban are in talks with Iran and are preparing to reinitiate a fight against the United States. In the next few days, a resurgence of bloodshed and violence is likely in Afghanistan, and President Ghani’s statement indicates in that direction. 

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