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Russia threatens Ukraine escalation in Donbass could mark its end; US prepares to send destroyers to Black Sea  

Moscow/Kyiv: Russia has threatened to retaliate to protect the people of Donbass if Ukraine takes military action against them, which it said would cause Kyiv’s destruction. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky visited Donbass a few hours ago and boosted the confidence of the soldiers here. Russian threat comes in response to Zelensky’s call to NATO to make Ukraine a member nation. Meanwhile, in the wake of rising tensions on the Ukraine-Russia border, the United States is preparing to send its destroyer to the Black Sea.   

Tensions on the Ukraine-Russia border have reached a peak over the past few days. Russia has accused Ukraine of trying to take military action against the people of Donbass. Reports of Russia amassing tanks near the Ukrainian border have surfaced. On the other hand, the United States has alleged that Russia is preparing for military action in eastern Ukraine, as it did in 2014.  

Ukraine has also carried out large-scale military operations near Donbass. In addition, Ukraine has announced exercise Cossack Mace with NATO, for which a thousand NATO troops will arrive in Ukraine. Besides, Ukrainian President Zhelensky has called on NATO to make his country a member nation. “The war in Donbass will end with NATO membership. If Ukraine joins NATO, it will send the right message to Russia,” Zelensky explained in a meeting with NATO officials.  

After becoming a NATO member, Ukraine could likely take action against rebels in Donbass. Therefore, Russia has reacted to Zelensky’s demand for a NATO membership. “Ukraine should not even consider taking action against the people of Donbass. Because if a repeat of Srebrenica happens in Donbass, Russia will intervene and come to their defence. In that case, it would be the beginning of the end of Ukraine,” said Dmitry Kozak, President Vladimir Putin’s deputy chief of staff.  

A brutal massacre had occurred in 1995 in Bosnia’s Srebrenica. More than 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were killed. Citing the reference, President Vladimir Putin’s deputy chief of staff, Dmitry Kozak, threatened the Ukrainian president. Also, the Russian media has underscored that Kozak was born in Donbass.  

Meanwhile, according to a US news channel, the United States will be sending destroyers to the Black Sea in the wake of tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The United States could send more than one destroyer if needed, the news channel quoted a US official as saying in reference to the developments. 

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