Russia ready to deploy submarine armed with nuclear-capable ‘doomsday drone’ in Pacific – Russian Report 

Russia ready to deploy submarine armed with nuclear-capable ‘doomsday drone’ in Pacific – Russian Report 

Moscow/Washington: Russia’s ‘doomsday drone’, capable of creating a 300-feet-high tsunami and submerging an entire city, is ready for deployment. According to a Russian news agency, Russia’s massive Belgorod submarine, which can carry the doomsday drone, also known as the Poseidon drone, will soon be deployed in the Pacific Ocean. Simultaneously, a Norwegian military analyst has stated that Russia’s military activity in the Arctic has risen. Therefore, the Western media speculates that Russia is ready to undertake a major offensive in the Arctic.   

The Russian Navy’s Typhoon is considered the world’s largest submarine. However, the 184-meter-long Belgorod is a super-sized submarine. The submarine can travel at speeds of 30-32 knots and go up to 500 meters deep. Also, this submarine has a crew capacity of 100 sailors. Apart from that, the submarine can carry six Poseidon doomsday drones at a time, Russia had announced earlier.  

The doomsday drone has a range of 1000 kilometres and can carry nuclear warhead weighing megatons. Therefore, the doomsday drone can turn the tide of battle in an instant. The self-propelled drone is claimed to have the ability to cross the North Atlantic easily. The Russian authorities had earlier claimed that Poseidon, which is the most destructive drone, had been made hack-free so that it would not fall into the hands of the enemy or be misused by cyber terrorists. The drone was even tested last year.  


A Russian news agency, quoting sources associated with the Russian Defense Ministry, said the Belgorod submarine, capable of carrying the doomsday drone, was ready for deployment in the Pacific. The deployment will be possible after tests in May, the Russian news agency said. Russia will be building three more of such submarines. Nevertheless, the news caused a stir in the Western media. The United States has previously accused the Russian submarine and doomsday drone of being built to destroy its eastern coast.  

US military analysts have previously condemned the doomsday drone saying that Russia could launch one from its territory in the Arctic and wreak havoc on the eastern coast of the United States. Western media is expressing concern over the deployment of the Russian submarine, citing this reference. Katarzyna Zysk, an analyst at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, says Russia has a significant military presence in the Arctic.  

“Russia has deployed a large number of its submarines in the Arctic. Russia could take control of the area with the help of the submarines,” Zysk stated. 

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