Israel’s Mossad rattles Iranian regime – US Report

Israel’s Mossad rattles Iranian regime – US Report

Washington: US daily ‘The New York Times’ has asserted that the Iranian regime’s reputation has been threatened by the Israeli intelligence agency’s attacks and bombings in the past few months. The US newspaper made the claim, citing Iranian leaders and experts on Iran. The support for the Israeli intelligence operations from within Iran and failure to take action against such individuals has shaken the Iranian regime, The New York Times said.  

Iranian regimeIran has explicitly blamed Israel for the bombing at Natanz nuclear facility ten days ago. Iranian agencies said Reza Karimi, a local Iranian national, had assisted the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad in executing the attack. Reports say Karimi fled Iran before the attack, and the Iranian authorities are still searching for him. The incident has exposed the shortcomings of the Iranian intelligence and security agencies, the US daily said.  

To make its point, the news outlet has noted the happenings in Iran in the last nine months. Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah alias Abu Muhammad al-Masri, was killed by an assailant on a motorcycle in broad daylight in the Iranian capital, Tehran, in August last year. The US daily reminded that the assailant had not been identified as yet. The Iranian regime sheltered Masri, and his security was, therefore, the responsibility of the administration.  

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s top nuclear scientist, was also assassinated in the next three months. Iran has alleged that Fakhrizadeh was killed with a machine gun mounted on a vehicle operated with the help of artificial intelligence. Iranian agencies had failed to determine how the vehicle had reached Iran.  

Iranian regime Iranian regime

In addition, Iran’s most important Natanz nuclear facility was subjected to two explosions. Repercussions of last week’s attack in Natanz are being felt even in Iran’s parliament. Therefore, the head of the Iranian parliament’s strategic centre had criticized that the country is becoming a haven for spies. Besides, The New York Times reports that the Iranian parliament has demanded the resignation of senior members of Iran’s security and intelligence services.  

Iranian scientists and military installations have been attacked even in the past. However, the attacks have intensified in the last nine months. At the same time, Mossad’s attacks are being supported from within Iran. The Iranian authorities nevertheless have not been able to arrest or prosecute these agents, which is an extreme embarrassment for the Iranian regime, the New York Times has said. The report states that it has exposed the deep-rooted Mossad network in Iran, and the system has rendered the government ineffective. 

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