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US should prepare for serious consequences of military withdrawal from Afghanistan: Hillary Clinton

Washington/Kabul: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a stern warning as she said, ‘After US military withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban will take control. Then the problem of Afghan refugees will acquire dangerous proportions. The United States better be prepared for the repercussions of the military withdrawal.’ The warning the former Secretary of State has issued as the military withdrawal is in progress could deal a blow to the Biden administration.  

The Taliban was not satisfied despite President Biden’s announcement of US military withdrawal before 11th September. Although the US military withdrawal has begun, the Taliban launched 141 attacks in Afghanistan in the last 24 hours, where 20 people have lost their lives. Therefore, the US troops returning home are not safe anymore. The United States was forced to make additional deployments for the security of the homebound forces, and the Taliban’s intentions have been unveiled before the world.  

As per an Afghan news channel, the Taliban carried out 190 bomb blasts in Afghanistan in April. The attacks killed 438 members of the Afghan forces leaving more than 500 injured. The Afghan media says the escalation in attacks within 24 hours of the US initiating withdrawal of troops is a major cause for concern. Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has also warned regarding the grave situation in Afghanistan during an interview with a US news channel.  

At the time, Clinton stated that ‘Deciding on keeping the military deployed or its withdrawal from Afghanistan, is turning into a serious problem. However, since the United States has reached a decision, it now needs to prepare for its two dangerous outcomes. A civil war will flare up in various provinces of Afghanistan after the military withdrawal. The civil war will cause the Afghan government to collapse, and the Taliban will take over the country. Most of the country will be under Taliban rule. Also, Afghanistan will need to brace for another issue of the refugees.’ 

“After the Taliban seizes power in Afghanistan, the terrorist activities of Al Qaeda and IS will intensify as well. Therefore, the United States should remain prepared for the new consequences of the military withdrawal,” Clinton warned. Hours before the process of US military withdrawal from Afghanistan began last week, former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice lashed out at the decision for US military withdrawal from Afghanistan, as they spoke before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Rice warned that there would arise a need to redeploy the military in Afghanistan.  

Meanwhile, the Afghan military is retaliating against the Taliban attacks. The Afghan Defence Ministry announced that more than 100 Taliban terrorists were killed in the military operations in the last 24 hours. Even so, the Taliban attacks in Afghanistan have increased, and reports reveal two military bases were attacked. The US military announced it did not suffer any damage in the attacks. Nevertheless, the Taliban seems to have demonstrated its strength by causing them while also increasing the possibility of fresh attacks being launched. 

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