Russia announces military exercises in the Arctic

Moscow – Russia is indicating to adopt an aggressive policy in the Arctic region, following the disputes with the other countries during the meeting of the Arctic Council held last month. Russian northern fleet announced that there would be comprehensive military exercises in the Arctic Peninsula. However, while telling the exercises, senior Russian officials warned that the non-Arctic countries need not increase deployments in the Arctic region.

Arctic Council, Non Arctic, Sergey Lavrov, strategic military exercise, NATO, Northern Fleet, Northern Sea Route, readiness of the forces and troops, lav , S-400 air-defense systemsBefore the Arctic Council meeting held in May, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had warned that only Russia has rights over the Arctic region. While expressing displeasure over the movements of the United States and other countries in the Arctic region, Russia had clearly warned that NATO should not interfere in the Arctic region. Following that, Russia disclosed the information regarding the new military base in the Arctic region. These developments are believed to be a part of the aggressive Russian policy.

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