Biden’s weakness emboldened Hamas to attack Israel, US Senators on Israel visit claim  

Biden’s weakness emboldened Hamas to attack Israel, US Senators on Israel visit claim  

Tel Aviv: US Senator Ted Cruz launched stinging criticism against US President Joe Biden. Cruz said, ‘Hamas has dared to launch an attack on Israel because of the weakness shown by US President Joe Biden. If Biden maintains the same stance on Hamas or Hezbollah or Iran, more of such terrorist attacks could be witnessed in the future.’  

इस्रायलवर हल्ले, emboldenedFour Republican leaders from the United States recently visited Israel. These included Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Bill Hagerty. The senators viewed the damage caused by Hamas attacks on Israel. The senators also promised their full support to Israel. Cruz, known as a hardline supporter of Israel, inspected homes in Ashkelon and posted the photographs on social media. At the same time, Cruz blamed US President Biden’s weak leadership for Hamas’ deadly rocket attacks on Israel.  

‘When Hamas terrorists were firing rockets on Israel, the US President called on Israel to stop the conflict. The stand emboldened Hamas terrorist leaders,’ US Senator Ted Cruz reprimanded. Cruz went on to warn that Biden’s weak leadership could strengthen Hezbollah or Iran, like Hamas, to carry out terrorist attacks. Cruz also backed a decision by former US President Donald Trump, saying the United States should not provide financial aid to Palestinians in Gaza if that aid is going to end up with Hamas.  

इस्रायलवर हल्ले, emboldenedSenior Senator Lindsey Graham, who had accompanied Cruz on his visit to Israel, stated that Israel is the eyes and ears of the United States. ‘Nobody does more to protect America from radical Islam than our friends in Israel,’ Graham said as he underlined the importance of Israel. Graham also said he was trying to seek funding of $1 billion for Israel’s Iron Dome air defence system used against Hamas.  

Like Cruz, Graham and Hagerty, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also visited Israel. However, his visit did not stir much debate. Pompeo had arrived in Tel Aviv to meet Yossi Cohen, the former head of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. 

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