West signals forming coalition to break the blockade created by Russia for Ukraine 


London – Western countries have started moves to break the blockade of Ukraine over Russia’s ‘Black Sea’ area. Lithuania has proposed to raise a humanitarian front for the safety of Ukrainian ships. The proposal is said to have been backed by the United Kingdom. Besides, Denmark has agreed to supply Harpoon anti-ship missiles to Ukraine. A few days ago, senior Ukrainian officials made a sensational statement that the United States had plans to destroy Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Against this backdrop, movements to raise a front and put forward the reason for breaking Ukraine’s blockade have become noteworthy.  

युक्रेनची कोंडीMoreover, Russia and Ukraine are internationally known as the breadbasket. Millions of tons of food grains and other products from Ukraine are stuck in various cities and ports. Except for the Ukrainian port of Odesa, Russia has seized most of the marine region. At the same time, Russia has deployed its strong naval fleet in the Black Sea region, which is Ukraine’s main maritime route. As a result, food grains and other products from Ukraine cannot be exported through the marine route.  

The foodgrains stuck in Ukraine have caused an alarming shortage of foodgrains in several countries, causing the inflation to flare up. Many leading groups, including the United Nations, have warned that a severe food crisis will hit the world if the situation continues. Against this backdrop, Western nations have begun efforts to extract food stocks and other products from Ukraine and have proposed a humanitarian front. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis had proposed it during his visit to the United Kingdom.  

Furthermore, Landsbergis has said that countries, including Europe that are internationally known as naval powers should form a front. He also claimed that the UK supported his proposal. It is said that British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has indicated that the UK could deploy its warships. While the lead is being built on the one hand, the United States, with the help of European countries, has begun to prepare to supply anti-ship missiles to Ukraine.  

A virtual meeting of the countries assisting Ukraine was held on Monday. It said that Denmark agreed to supply Harpoon anti-ship missiles to Ukraine. It is claimed that the US will provide Naval Strike Missiles and Harpoon missiles. The Harpoon has a range of about 300 kilometres, and the Naval Strike Missile has a range of up to 250 kilometres. The Harpoon missile can be fired with the help of warships, aircraft and launchers on the coastline, sources said. 

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