US prepares to use rockets for military transport


Washington – In the coming times, massive rockets could be used for the freight movement of the US military. The United States is working on this plan. The US air force announced that reusable rockets used in space missions are likely to be used for these services. The US air force also informed that one consignment of 100 tonnes could be transported to any location in the world.

रॉकेटचा वापर, militaryThe US air force announced the Vanguard plan under the 2030 Science and Technology Strategy. This plan will be implemented under the leadership of the US Space Force. According to this, studies are being conducted for secured and less expensive alternatives for goods transport. The US air force announced the option of Rocket Cargo for this purpose. The air force clarified that the Star Ship Reusable rockets developed by the SpaceX company could be the best option.

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