Russian, Chinese and Iranian spies pose a threat to British security

warns UK intel Chief Ken McCallum

British security

London/Moscow/Beijing – Security of the United Kingdom is threatened by espionage from Russia, China and Iran. Britain’s intelligence chief, Ken McCallum, warned that the threat is as serious as the threat of terrorism. A few days ago, it was reported that a group of Iranian hackers attacked the University of London and tried to steal information. Against this backdrop, McCallum’s warning becomes significant.

Ken McCallum, head of the British intelligence agency MI5, cautioned the British public at Thames House on Wednesday. McCallum said that there is a threat from terrorists coming from Syria and Afghanistan, but more importantly, there is a need to recognize the threat from Russia, China and Iran. At the same time, he said that we are increasing our capacity to deal with the threats to the United Kingdom. The last two decades have been marked by intelligence agencies focusing more on counter-terrorism operations. McCallum also confessed that the focus of the threats to the country had diminished during this period.

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