Taliban expands significantly in Afghanistan; captures 17 districts in two months

– conquers 17 districts in two months

– over 100 soldiers killed in four days

– 25 dead in a 12-hour conflict

significant, Afghanistan,Taliban,Kabul,Taliban Expansion,Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,NATO,Afghan ForceKabul : The Taliban attacks in the last 12 hours killed 25 people in Afghanistan. The dead include five people who lost their lives in the attack carried out at a wedding event in Kabul. Moreover, the attack in Ghor province killed 20 Afghan soldiers. In the last four days, the death toll of Afghan soldiers due to Taliban attacks is over 100. In the previous two months, the Taliban has captured 17 Afghan provinces, as per the news that surfaced. This expansion of the Taliban in Afghanistan during the US military withdrawal draws significant attention.

Afghanistan has 403 districts in all. Out of these, the Afghan army-Taliban conflict is going on in over 180 districts. Moreover, the Taliban has captured over 80 districts, and the Afghan government still controls 130 districts. In the last two months, the Taliban attacks have intensified. Besides, the Afghan army is finding it difficult to counter the Taliban in Badghis province.

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