Hamas will fire rockets at Israeli cities again: Hezbollah-backed Lebanese newspaper

Beirut: – Hamas has threatened that it will start firing rockets at Israeli cities again if Israel hurts the sentiments of Palestinians. This threat was published by a Lebanese newspaper affiliated with Hezbollah. A ceasefire has been imposed between Israel and Hamas after a fierce conflict, which lasted 11 days. But this is a temporary arrangement. Hamas is repeatedly warning Israel that the conflict can spark any time.   

रॉकेटस्‌ की बौछारIn 1967, a six-day war was fought between Israel and the neighbouring countries. Israel that emerged victorious in the war annexed Jerusalem to Israel. A ‘Victory Day’ is celebrated, with a procession, in Israel every year on 10th May to commemorate this win. A victory procession was planned for this May as well. But following missile and rocket shower by Hamas from the Gaza Strip, the procession had to be postponed.   

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