US cannot afford to turn its back on Afghanistan, former US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates

Washington: – Former US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates warned, ‘Most US citizens feel that the conflict in Afghanistan should be over soon. But it will not be in the interest of the United States to turn its back on Afghanistan for this purpose. Because in that scenario, the Taliban will take advantage of the vacuum created in the country to take over the country. Pakistan and China will assist the Taliban to achieve this.’ Gates criticised that at the same time, the US ignored that after being expelled from Afghanistan, the Taliban regrouped in Pakistan.   

अफगाणिस्तानकडे पाठIt has been a month since US President Joe Biden announced military withdrawal from Afghanistan. This military withdrawal process will be completed on 11th September. While the US military is being withdrawn, there is an increase in the Taliban attacks. On Tuesday, the Taliban attacked health workers in the city of Jalalabad, killing four. The Taliban targeted health workers administering Pulse Polio doses to the children in the city.   

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