Blackwater Founder Erik Prince proposes to deploy Private Army in Venezuela to overthrow Maduro

Washington: Erik Prince, the founder of the renowned American private security firm Blackwater, proposed that mercenaries should be used in Venezuela, to overthrow the Maduro regime. Prince is a supporter of US President Donald Trump and since the last few months has been stressing on preparing a plan on achieving an overhaul in Venezuela and showed indications of seeking help even from the refugees emerging from Venezuela. As per Prince’s plan, nearly 5,000 mercenaries would be required to topple President Maduro.

In the last few months, the country has been sliding into an anarchy-like state, forcing hundreds of thousands of citizens to flee the country and take refuge in the neighbouring countries. The country is experiencing severe shortages of food, water, electricity and medicines resulting in the death of many citizens. However, Maduro has held the United States and other countries responsible for the situation.

Juan Guaido has initiated strong protests against Maduro and is receiving significant support from the Venezuelan populace. The United States and many other countries have recognised Guaido as the Venezuelan President garnering international support and have called on Maduro to step down. Nevertheless, Maduro has been able to remain in power with the backing from Russia, Cuba and China and has threatened to foil the efforts of the United States and its allies.

US President Donald Trump has warned Venezuela that ‘all options were on the table’ which included military intervention in Caracas as well. Therefore, the United States has reportedly already begun assembling troops in neighbouring countries of Venezuela. Given the developments, Prince’s proposal gains significance.

Only last month, Prince had created a sensation by pitching the plan for an ‘exit strategy’ from Afghanistan to the United States saying that “The United States can relieve itself of the crisis by deploying thousands of mercenaries in Afghanistan”.. Prince had proposed replacing 50,000 NATO troops currently deployed in Afghanistan with 2,000 US special operators and 6,000 contractors. The plan would help cut down the cost of Afghan War to the US by $30 billion a year, claimed the Blackwater founder.

Juan Guido calls for a military uprising against Maduro

Caracas: Venezuela’s interim President Juan Guaido has appealed to the Venezuelan military to revolt against Dictator Maduro. In video footage that was released, Guaido has even warned that the struggle has entered a decisive phase now.


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