US President Biden warns of ‘real’ threat of Russian tactical nuclear weapons

US President Biden warns of ‘real’ threat of Russian tactical nuclear weapons

Washington/Moscow: United States President Joe Biden warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin could use tactical nuclear weapons, which is the real threat. Besides, Russian President Putin had warned two days ago that Russia has more nuclear weapons than NATO member countries and that they were aware of it. Earlier, Putin also proclaimed that Russia has started deploying its tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

tactical, nuclear weapons, threat Moreover, there have been efforts to include the countries in Russia’s sphere of influence in NATO. Finland has been granted NATO membership, and there are indications that Sweden will soon be a part of NATO. Also, NATO troops, advanced air defence systems, missiles and nuclear weapons will be deployed to these countries.

Furthermore, Russia has continuously alleged that this military deployment in the countries bordering their country was solely to target them. Russia had warned regarding this deployment that it would respond equivalently. Accordingly, Russia announced the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

There was a sharp reaction from the US and NATO to this. White House spokesman John Kirby warned that Russia’s decision was irresponsible and negligent, and the US must take cognizance of it. In addition, the US has also indicated that it has been watching the activities of the Russian nuclear weapons. Now, President Biden has also taken cognizance of this and expressed concern about the threat of Russian nuclear weapons.

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Meanwhile, Sweden, which is trying to get NATO membership, has expressed fear that Russia might launch a nuclear attack on them. Sweden’s parliamentary committee recently issued a report mentioning the rising threat from Russia and the possibility of it launching attacks. The Swedish report expressed concern that the possibility of an attack on Sweden could not be ruled out, and nuclear weapons could also be used for these attacks.


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