China’s attack on Taiwan would be suicidal

- Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

China’s attack on Taiwan would be suicidal

Tokyo – ‘An adventure in military affairs, if pursued by such a huge economy like China’s, could be suicidal, to say the least,’ warned former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Simultaneously, an attack on Taiwan or Taiwan’s democracy would be a dire challenge to all democracies, including Japan. In that case, Abe has warned that Japan and the United States will not sit idle. For the second time in the last two weeks, the ex-Japanese Prime Minister issued the threat to China. Chinese government mouthpiece has cited this and remarked Abe to be becoming a chief anti-China leader.  

आत्मघात ठरेलMoreover, the infiltration of Chinese fighter jets into Taiwan’s airspace is still ongoing. A few hours ago, 13 Chinese planes violated Taiwan airspace. There had been a strong reaction from the international community thereon. Its repercussions were felt in the recently concluded TaiwanUS-Japan Trilateral Indo-Pacific Security Dialogue. Ex-Japanese PM Abe targeted China’s aggression regarding Taiwan in a video message.  

‘We must urge them not to pursue territorial expansion and restrain from provoking, often bullying, their neighbours because it should harm their own interests,’ said ex-Japanese PM Abe. At the same time, China should not choose military options to resolve its territorial disputes. Abe warned that it is expected that China’s senior political leadership will show wisdom to resolve these disputes peacefully through dialogue and pursue its interests.  

Nevertheless, Abe signalled in this meeting that Japan and the US would not sit idle if China invaded Taiwan. Likewise, Abe appealed to Chinese President Xi Jinping not to distort his statements. Whereas, Abe appealed that Japan, the US and Taiwan need to take major efforts, to enhance their capabilities in all domains.  

For this, the ex-PM of Japan mentioned cooperation in maritime, air, space and cyber sectors. Abe said that Japan and the US should extend to Taiwan an international market in the defence sector and on the trade front. Besides, a few weeks ago, Abe welcomed Taiwan’s participation in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The Chinese government mouthpiece criticised this warning of ex-Japanese PM. Abe is leading an anti-China group in Japan, slammed the Global Times, a Chinese mouthpiece.  

Even two weeks ago, Abe warned China that against Taiwan, ‘a military adventure would be the path to economic suicide’. Chinese activities against Japan and Taiwan had reminded the international community that the lines between war and peace are blurring. After being summoned by China, the Japanese ambassador said, ‘it is necessary for China to understand there are people in Japan who have such opinions and Japan cannot accept China’s one-sided views on such matters,’ and said that China was spilling fire for no reason. 

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