US, Japan engage in ‘secret war games’ considering potential conflict between China & Taiwan 

US, Japan engage in ‘secret war games’ considering potential conflict between China & Taiwan 

Washington/Tokyo: The US and China have begun conducting secret war games in the wake of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s threat on the Taiwan issue. The report by ‘The Financial Times’ covers the story. The daily claims the report is based on credible sources in the US and Japan. 

secret war gamesFormer US President Donald Trump had adopted a policy whereby he offered large-scale political and defence cooperation to Taiwan. The US policy also featured that the major Indo-Pacific nations enhance cooperation with Taiwan. 

Accordingly, Japan, South Korea and Australia started strengthening ties with Taiwan at various levels. Besides, Japan and Australia have taken a stand to support Taiwan if a conflict breaks out over Taiwan. A few days ago, the Japanese defence minister assured Taiwan’s security was linked to Japan’s security. 

The covert “tabletop war games” currently underway between the United States and Japan are said as being part of the policies adopted during the Trump administration. According to a former US official, formulating an “integrated war plan” for Taiwan is part of the “secret war games” between the United States and Japan. Therefore, sources said separate frameworks are being set up to exchange information between the US, Japan, and Taiwan. 

A report in The Financial Times says that along with the tabletop war games, drills are underway in the South China Sea and the East China Sea under the pretext of disaster training, which are also aimed at training for the plan on Taiwan. 

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