Afghan Vice President Saleh accuses Pakistan special forces of training Taliban  

Afghan Vice President Saleh accuses Pakistan special forces of training Taliban  

Vice President SalehKabul: ‘Pakistan Special Forces provides training and instructions to the Taliban militants currently on a violent rampage in Afghanistan. The Pakistani Army has also supplied sniper rifles to the Taliban militants. However, the Afghanistan Army has better and more advanced sniper rifles as compared to the Taliban,’ Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh warned. It is the second warning the Afghan Vice President has issued to Pakistan in the last two weeks. Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price if it continues its support to the Taliban, Saleh had said a few days ago. 

The fighting between the Taliban and Afghanistan Army is said to have intensified. The Afghan Army has initiated air raids on the Taliban sites and has published its videos. At the same time, the Afghan Defence ministry announced it had brought districts and military outposts, seized by the Taliban in a few areas, under its control. Reports suggest that local leaders, militia heads and women are participating in the conflict in Afghanistan in significant numbers. 

Vice President SalehIn a post on social media on Monday, Vice President Saleh noted the support from locals in the fight against the Taliban. ‘In addition, the rapid withdrawal of Western forces has created a vacuum in some areas. The Taliban exploited the situation, taking control of the regions,’ Saleh said. Saleh went on to say that the Taliban was acting at the behest of Pakistan. 

‘The Taliban is divided into three sections. One of them is receiving training and instructions directly from Pakistan’s special forces. The Taliban receives the orders from Pakistan’s Peshawar, Quetta and other areas,’ Saleh stated. Besides, Saleh said the Pakistani Army is also supplying the Taliban with sniper rifles, along with the training. 

Vice President SalehLast month, the Afghan Army detained a Pakistani official fighting alongside the Taliban. The official had confessed before the media that the Taliban militants were receiving training in Peshawar and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s Parachinar base in Pakistan. The detained Pakistani official also said the Pakistani military officials and soldiers were already fighting alongside the Taliban in the conflict. 

Later, Vice President Saleh had issued a stern warning to Pakistan. Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price if it continues to support the Taliban, Saleh said. Moreover, reports suggest growing discontent among the people of Afghanistan against Pakistan for cooperating with the Taliban. 

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