China will launch a full-scale war on Japan with nuclear weapons if it defends Taiwan

CCP official warns 

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Beijing: Japan has warned it would step into war to defend Taiwan if China attacks since the event would pose just as much a threat to Tokyo. Outraged, China has threatened to nuke Japan directly. As he issued the threat via a video, the Chinese Communist Party leader said China would use nuclear bombs continuously until Japan declares unconditional surrender. Also, the official has demanded China change its traditional nuclear policy for this purpose. 

nuclearChina threatens Japan in the five-minute video, which went viral on social media. ‘Even if Japan deploys only one soldier, one plane or one ship in support of Taiwan, China will not respond with equal measure but instead start a full-scale war against Japan. We will use nuclear bombs first. We will use nuclear bombs continuously until Japan declares unconditional surrender,’ the video said. 

At the end of the video, the official demands the Chinese Communist Party change its nuclear policy. ‘As long as Japan realises it cannot afford to pay the price of war, it will not dare to send troops to the Taiwan Strait. China needs to change its traditional nuclear policy and strategies. Japan should be singled out from the policy of ‘no first use’ of nuclear weapons.’ 

nuclearThe video has been published on social media on Sunday. A Chinese Military channel named Liu Jun Tao Lue (which roughly means military strategies) made the video. Even though it was removed in the next few hours, the provocative video was uploaded again by a Communist Party leader from Shanxi province. Therefore, the Western media claims that the Chinese Communist Party is indirectly threatening to unite Taiwan and nuke Japan. 

Even the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece had threatened Japan two days ago for announcing to support Taiwan in war. ‘Suppose Japan intervenes and defends Taiwan when China decides on unification. In that case, it will suffer a bad defeat in battle and have to brace for severe repercussions,’ the Chinese mouthpiece had warned. Moreover, it asserted that Japan could not last in the face of the Chinese military might. 

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