US warns Russia it will have to pay a heavy price for breaking Ukraine

US warns Russia it will have to pay a heavy price for breaking Ukraine

Washington: Terming the referendum process initiated by Russia in four Ukrainian regions as bogus, US President Joe Biden has warned that the attempts to annex these regions to Russia will not be tolerated. The US President has warned that this is a violation of international rules, and Russia will have to pay a dear price if it attempts to do so. At the same time, the media is claiming that the United States has also reacted to Russia’s threat to use nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war. Not overtly, but the media has revealed that the Biden administration has sent a message to Russia, warning of nuclear war. ‘We are discussing the issue of Ukraine with our partnering and allied nations. Additional and tougher sanctions will be swiftly imposed on Russia in the future. Russia will have to pay a huge financial price for this,’ President Biden announced. Besides, Biden also said that if Russia tries to annex the Ukrainian territory through a referendum, it will violate international laws. Also, the United States will never recognize it’.  

priceThe NATO chief had also reacted similarly in the past, and the G7 countries released a joint statement criticizing Russia. The G7 said in its statement that this Russian decision is illegal and anti-democratic, announcing it will not recognize the referendum in Donbas. Anticipating a reaction of this kind from the Western countries, Russia had prepared for a forceful retaliation against the political and military moves opposing the referendum process. Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated that he will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if necessary.  

President Putin had shocked everyone by saying that the threat of nuclear war was ‘not a buff’. After that, the United States threatened Russia with possible consequences if it used nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war. However, US newspapers have revealed that this threat was not made openly but secretly. Citing the reference, the Russian media has also reported the piece of news.

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