Taliban’s brutal face exposed as it kills Afghan protesters & military officials after declaring a general pardon for opponents

Taliban’s brutal face exposed as it kills Afghan protesters & military officials after declaring a general pardon for opponents

Kabul: The Taliban, which is trying to better its image internationally with the help of Pakistan, had declared a general amnesty for the Afghan army and opposition. The Taliban tried to show that they had changed by saying that they would not take any action against anyone who surrenders to them. However, in the last 24 hours, the Taliban have killed four Afghan military officers who had surrendered. At the same time, the Taliban shot four dead after they hoisted the Afghan national flag and opposed the military outfit. The Taliban has also arrested Afghanistan’s first female governor. Therefore, the claims that the Taliban has changed have been dispelled. 

Afghan protestersTaliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid gave an interview to an Afghan news channel on Tuesday. ‘The Taliban have no enmity with anyone and have forgiven everyone as declared by our leader,’ the Mujahid said. The Taliban spokesman had also claimed that the situation in Afghanistan was improving by the day and announced that burqas would not be mandatory for women. Their supporters in Pakistan welcomed the Taliban’s announcement. But within 24 hours of the announcement, the Taliban was exposed as there was no change seen in the military outfit. 

A few days ago, the Taliban brutally killed four Afghan army commanders who had surrendered to the Taliban during the conflict in Kandahar. It raises concerns about the safety of other Afghan soldiers held by the Taliban. In the Afghan province of Jalalabad and Khost, where the people have become well aware of the Taliban’s brutal rule, they have taken to the streets to protest against the regime. Videos and photographs were released of Taliban militants taking violent action against the Afghan protesters in Jalalabad. 

Afghan protesters Afghan protesters

Taliban militants opened fire on Afghan protesters, who said they would not accept the Taliban’s flag and demanded the Afghan national flag be hoisted, and government offices be opened. Four protesters were killed, and 13 others were injured in the firing. The death toll is expected to be much higher than reported. Also, one Taliban militant said the Afghan people were taking advantage of the Taliban relaxing its rules. However, the Taliban commanders have not commented on the incident. 

But the Taliban, which has announced a blanket amnesty for its opponents, has begun cracking down on them. Salima Mazari, the governor of Afghanistan’s Balkh province, has been detained by the Taliban. Mazari is known as a staunch supporter of women’s rights and an opponent of the Taliban. Therefore, the Taliban appears to have issued a warning by arresting Mazari that women and opponents will not be spared during their rule. Hundreds of women have arrived at Kabul airport to flee Afghanistan in fear of the Taliban terror. A staggering sixty to seventy per cent of the crowd at Kabul airport are claimed to be women. 

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