US no more a superpower after its humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan: UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace  

London: The United States is no more a superpower after its humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, UK’s Secretary of State for Defence, Ben Wallace, criticised. Simultaneously, the Defence Secretary also admitted that the UK is no longer a superpower and that too for the past five decades. Wallace said the UK cannot deploy troops in large numbers without US support. A few days ago, even UK’s Members of Parliament and former security advisors criticised the withdrawal of the United States, claiming it had bolstered China.   


Criticism against President Biden and his administration is intensifying since the completion of US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Earlier, the UK and other NATO members states had expressed their displeasure at the US decision of withdrawal. As the ground reality is coming to the fore against the backdrop of the exit, key US leaders and the international community are again aggressively targeting the Biden administration. The UK Defence Secretary’s criticism is a part of the same.  

In an interview with the magazine ‘Spectator’, Defence Secretary Wallace targeted the United States. A superpower that is also not prepared to stick at something isn’t probably a superpower. It is certainly not a global force; it’s just a big power,’ the UK Defence Secretary criticised. At the time, Wallace also admitted that the UK too is no longer a superpower. Furthermore, the Defence Secretary also highlighted that the UK is dependent on the US for making a large-scale military deployment across the globe.   


The UK Defence Secretary had targeted the Biden administration even when the Taliban was gaining control over the cities of Afghanistan. Wallace lashed out at the United States, saying it had made a grave mistake withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Also, the Defence Secretary warned that Al-Qaeda might re-emerge if the Taliban came to power. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had also expressed his discontentment towards the United States. Moreover, British analysts claim that Britain’s criticism of the United States over the Afghanistan issue and the tension thus created may weaken the ‘special relationship’ between the two countries.  

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