Pakistan will face grave consequences for its support to Taliban in Afghanistan

ex-Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

face grave

Tehran: ‘Here, I have a piece of advice for the leaders of Pakistan. What happened in Afghanistan will soon expand and take a grip of Pakistan. Taliban-supporting Pakistan will have to face its grave consequences’, warned Iran’s Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Simultaneously, Ahmadinejad accused that handing over power in Afghanistan to the Taliban is a satanic plot sponsored by the West. 

face grave

For the past few days, reports stating that Pakistan’s military is helping the Taliban to combat the Northern Alliance in Panjshir have surfaced. Pakistan’s military helicopters and drones are claimed to have carried out airstrikes against anti-Taliban groups. A severe reaction had already emerged from Iran in response. ‘Other countries should not make the strategic mistake of meddling in Afghanistan’s affairs,’ Iran’s Foreign Ministry had warned. 

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also issued a stern warning to Pakistan. Ahmadinejad targeted Pakistan, saying, ‘Afghanistan’s neighbour created, trained and armed the Taliban.’ Ahmadinejad also said, ‘However, Pakistan and other countries would have to face grave consequences for helping the Taliban. What happened in Afghanistan will soon expand and take a grip of Pakistan.’ 

The ex-Iranian President further accused that the US-led Western powers had hatched a ‘satanic plot’ of handing Afghanistan to the Taliban. Ahmadinejad further said that the conspirators included the UK, Russia and China. Besides, these world powers trampled on the rights of Afghan people to secure their interests, the minister added. 

In an interview, the ex-Iranian President fiercely warned that ‘Pakistan must help India and Iran if it wants to prevent the effects of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Otherwise, the Taliban’s activities would put Pakistan’s sovereignty at risk.’ 

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