Taliban government unlikely to survive, warns European analyst William Dalrymple

Taliban government unlikely to survive, warns European analyst William Dalrymple

Paris/Kabul: ‘The government announced by the Taliban is not inclusive. It does not include all the social elements of Afghanistan. That is why this government is unlikely to survive,’ warned European analyst William Dalrymple. Simultaneously, dreadful reports of Taliban savagery are surfacing before the world. A video of the Taliban celebrating the beheading of an Afghan soldier had surfaced. Also, Afghan artists and musicians are fleeing the country, fearing for their lives and the future of art under Taliban rule. Nonetheless, analyst William Dalrymple’s claim is perhaps reassuring to all.

टिकू शकणार नाही, William Dalrymple‘In the past few months, the Taliban had assured that their government in Afghanistan will be inclusive and would respect women’s rights. Nevertheless, given the Taliban government declared last week, it is clear that they will not keep the promises,’ William Dalrymple criticised. Besides, Dalrymple pointed out that the Taliban had repeated its mistake of violating women’s rights again.

During his interview with the press, analyst William Dalrymple said, ‘It is a surprise because even if they haven’t given big places to (former president) Hamid Karzai or someone from the old regime or even if they were doing but a window dressing by putting a few women in minor positions… that would have been more expected given the PR they were putting out over the last month.’

William Dalrymple said that since the Taliban government was not inclusive, it would be hard to get international funding. Furthermore, he indicated that it was unlikely for the Taliban to run the government for a long term as the United States and its Western allies have frozen nearly 9 billion dollars in aid to Afghanistan.

टिकू शकणार नाहीA week ago, the United Nations had warned that the food supplies from the World Food Programme would likely run out by the end of September. It raises concern over Afghanistan having to face food shortages soon. In such a scenario, running the government and the country is believed would be challenging for the Taliban. Moreover, US and British military analysts and former military officials say clashes between the Taliban and disgruntled groups could flare-up in the future. Also, officials of both countries warn that Al Qaeda would reemerge in Afghanistan and pose a threat to the US and UK security.

Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden’s security chief, Hanif Atmar, had returned to Afghanistan just last week. IS-Khorasan had signalled an anti-Taliban front by carrying out a suicide bombing near Kabul airport. Under such circumstances, it seems that Dalrymple’s claim of the Taliban regime unlikely to survive long in Afghanistan would eventuate.

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