Russian and Chinese navies conduct joint naval patrol in the Sea of Japan  

Sea of Japan

Moscow / Beijing – The Russian and Chinese navies conducted a joint patrol in the Japanese maritime region on Monday. Both countries have reported that Russian and Chinese warships entered the Pacific Ocean via the Sea of Japan. This is the first time the two countries have patrolled the Sea of Japan. This cooperation between China and Russia challenges the US-backed forefront in the future, Chinese media has warned.  

संयुक्त गस्तSince last Thursday, the ‘Russia-China Joint Sea-2021’ naval exercise was held in Russia’s eastern maritime region. On Monday, 10 warships from both countries entered the Sea of Japan following this joint exercise. Russian and Chinese warships patrolled the Tsugaru Strait between mainland Japan and the northern island of Hokkaido. Japan said warships from both countries entered the Pacific Ocean through this maritime area. It was further clarified that Japan is monitoring the movements of both countries.  

The Chinese media has warned that the joint Chinese-Russian patrol is an attempt to retaliate US-backed front. Global Times, a Chinese government mouthpiece, also warned that the growing cooperation between China and Russia would challenge plans such as the AUKUS deal implemented by the United States. Global Times also reported that Russian and Chinese navies have been sailing independently near the US border over the past year.  

संयुक्त गस्तThe US has decided to increase its security deployments in the Indo-Pacific region over the past few years to curb China’s growing expansionist activities. Concluding this, efforts are being made to involve allies as well as partner countries. Countries like Australia, India, Britain, France and Canada have joined the US Indo-Pacific. Moreover, these countries also have undergone joint naval exercises as they deployed their warships to the Indo-Pacific region.  

The US front has proved to be a major obstacle to China’s ruling regime. The Chinese regime is persistently trying to suppress and threaten the leading countries in varied ways. Simultaneously, China is initiating to increase defence cooperation with allies like Russia instead. The Chinese media confirm that Monday’s patrol in the Sea of Japan was a milestone. 

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