Iran cannot defend itself from Israel despite signing nuclear deal with US

- warns Israeli PM Naftali Bennett

Iran cannot defend itself from Israel despite signing nuclear deal with US

Jerusalem – ‘The Israeli strategy doesn’t depend on whether there’s an agreement or not. We will protect ourselves by ourselves. Even if there is an agreement, we’re not committed to it,’ Bennett stated. Henceforth, Iran will not defend itself for long against Israeli action, he further said. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has warned that the head of the Iranian octopus, whose tentacles are spreading around the region through terrorist organisations, will soon be crushed. Reports are emerging that the US and Iran will sign a nuclear deal soon. The Israeli PM seems to have warned against this background.  

defendIn the last few weeks, Israel has increased its speed of defence preparedness. Israel has focused on purchasing new-capacity rockets, missiles and fuel-carrier airplanes. Whereas, only a few hours ago, the Prime Minister of Israel announced the deployment of a laser air defence system. Simultaneously, PM Bennett had said that he had set a goal of taking Israel’s gross national product over $1 trillion in the next 12 years. PM Bennett had claimed that Israel could be militarily and strategically equipped had it been economically capable. Concurrently, he had also made important statements about Iran, which was threatening Israel’s security. PM Bennett laid out his position on Iran, speaking to the Gulf News Agency.  

For this, the Israeli PM cited a 34-day conflict fought in Lebanon in 2006. PM Bennett had served as an officer in a special unit of the Israeli military in the conflict. ‘When I fought in Lebanon, I was fighting against Iran’s [Hezbollah] proxies, while the ayatollahs funding and arming them were untouchable. When I took over as prime minister, I reassessed the situation on a clean slate. Iran will no longer be immune,’ PM Bennett. At the same time, with comparing Iran to the octopus, a marine creature, Bennett claimed that terrorist organisations like Hezbollah, Hamas and Houthi are the tentacles of the octopus that have spread in the Middle East.  

Until now, Israel had been fighting conflict with tentacles of octopus called Iran, namely Hamas and Hezbollah. However, from now on, Israel will only strike the octopus on the head, warned PM Bennett. Iran’s regime is very corrupt, and the people are furious with this regime. Iran’s economy is collapsing. There is water scarcity across the country. Bennett also said that Israel should take advantage of the situation to launch an attack on Iran. It surfaces that perhaps the Israeli Prime Minister is hinting at conducting an insurrection in Iran through this.  

defendIn Vienna, Prime Minister Bennett clarified his position about the ongoing nuclear deal negotiations between the United States and Iran. While the United States and the West signed a nuclear deal with Iran, there will be no change in Israel’s position on Iran, warned Bennett.  

PM Bennett gave an important message even to the Biden administration, ‘That will not change our fundamental strategy according to which the United States is our biggest and most important ally and our close friend, but the world is changing. We are in an era in which there is no longer one cop — there are other actors. Personally, I have invested a lot of time in restoring relations with the Biden administration and the Democrats, but Israel must seek support elsewhere, too, and forge additional alliances. Israel must become an asset for the world and we have the tools for this — in cyber, high tech, global warming, innovation.’  

However, Israel will not ignore Iran’s moves in Syria while all this is going on, the Israeli Prime Minister warned sternly. 

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