Russia damaging undersea cable would be an act of war: UK Defence Chief  

undersea cable

London / Moscow – The UK Defence Chief sternly warned that the undersea cables laid at the bottom of the sea are the world’s real information systems. If Russia tries to cut or cause a blow to these cables, it will be considered an act of war. Admiral Sir Tony Radakin also pointed out the growing movement of Russian submarines in the marine region near the United Kingdom. At this time, he also mentioned the collision between a UK warship and a Russian submarine, which happened a year ago.  

Consistent disputes seem to occur in the Russia-UK relations in the past few years. Tensions between the two countries have considerably festered due to events like the 2014 takeover of Crimea, Brexit intervention, and the assassination attempt of a former Russian official in the UK. Claims of Russia being behind the cyber-attacks on the UK have also surfaced. Concurrently, tensions between Russia and NATO have also risen, with the Russian warships, submarines and fighter jets consistently striking to increase pressure on NATO member countries.   

undersea cable

Nine Russian warships and submarines had been found near the UK marine region over 15 days in December 2020. UK warship HMS Northumberland had collided with a Russian submarine in the same month. The incident had caused quite a stir in the UK. UK Defence Chief Admiral Sir Tony Radakin has warned that such incidents will be taken more seriously in the future and would be retaliated. The movements of Russian submarines and a large increase in other underwater activities in the last two decades were pointed out.  

Internet cables at the bottom of the ocean are ‘the world’s real information system’, and Russia’s movements could prove to be a blow to the system. ‘Russia has grown the capability to put at threat those undersea cables and potentially exploit those undersea cables,’ he said. The Defence Chief warned that any attempt to damage the cables would be considered an act of war, and accordingly, the Uk would retaliate therein.  

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