UK claims Russia is preparing for ‘nuclear strategic exercise’ as preparation to invade Ukraine  

UK claims Russia is preparing for ‘nuclear strategic exercise’ as preparation to invade Ukraine  

London / Moscow – Russia has begun moves to invade Ukraine, and before that, Russia has started to prepare for a nuclear strategic exercise, warned UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace. It has surfaced that following the warning of Wallace, UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss also have harshly reprimanded Russia with strong words. On Thursday, Russia began a joint war exercise called Union Resolve with Belarus, ignoring warnings from the West.  

nuclear strategic exerciseRecently, Russian President Vladimir Putin had issued a stern warning that if Ukraine is included in NATO, a nuclear war would be provoked between Russia and NATO and there will be no winners. While issuing this warning, large military deployments have been made by Russia along its border with Ukraine. It is said that 30,000 troops were sent to Belarus, as well, for war exercises. Russia is believed to have deployed nearly 150,000 troops on two borders of Russia-Ukraine and Belarus-Ukraine borders. Hypersonic missiles, advanced air defence systems, tanks, armoured vehicles and electronic warfare systems have also been deployed with these personnel.  

Moreover, Western countries have stressed diplomatic negotiations to prevent these Russian deployments and possible invasion. Following the failure of US and NATO talks with Russia, France, the UK, and Germany have now begun their efforts. Two days ago, French President Emmanuel Macron had visited Russia. Following that, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has arrived in Russia on Thursday. On Friday, UK’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace also is scheduled to visit Russia with ‘two-plus-two’ talks being held between the two countries. Defence Secretary Wallace’s warning of Russia’s movements ahead of these talks draws attention.  

‘न्यूक्लिअर स्ट्रॅटेजिक एक्सरसाईज’‘Despite the talking, the direction of travel is in the wrong way. The Russians are still growing their battalion tactical groups…they are planning to start a nuclear strategic exercise soon,’ warned UK‘s Defence Secretary. Following his warning, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also took an aggressive stance saying that Europe’s security is under the shadow of a serious crisis.  

Reports have emerged that UK’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have had heated arguments. Russia should stop behaving like the Cold War times and withdraw the deployments, Truss warned. The Western countries should not give us advice as there will be no conclusion from that, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov retaliated. 

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