US Starlink Satellite can change the flight path of ballistic missiles

Russian President Putin 


Moscow: The Starlink satellites of the US intended to provide broadband internet services could be used to change cruise missiles’ trajectories or assist special forces and spy networks, warned Roscosmos Director Dmitry Rogozin while Speaking to Russia’s Channel One. SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, is planning to launch 42000 satellites soon.   

‘स्टारलिंक सॅटेलाईट्स’In 2014, entrepreneur Elon Musk had announced a program to provide internet services through satellite. In the last 7 years, more than 1800 satellites have been launched. Besides, nearly 1600 satellites are active, providing services to 1 million customers, as claimed by SpaceX. These satellites have been placed in the low earth orbit. This project received criticism due to possible space collisions and an increase in space debris.   

US government is heavily funding the project of Elon Musk. Highlighting the government grant, the Russian head of space agency has raised a question on the intention and objective of the project. The US government has provided a 900 million dollars grant to SpaceX for this project. The total funding is expected to reach 2 billion dollars in all forms. Dmitry Rogozin has raised questions on the need for the US government to fund such a project.   

‘स्टारलिंक सॅटेलाईट्स’Starlink satellite will not only provide internet services, but it will also alter trajectories of cruise missiles in mid-flight and assist special forces and spy networks, claimed Dmitry Rogozin. The satellite could be used to deliver political and anti-Russia content over the internet. At the same time, Rogozin declared the Roscosmos plans to deploy its own space-based satellite internet service, known as Sfera.   

Russia‘s Airforce Military Education and Scientific Research has planned to protect the Russian coastline by drones and fighter jets in case the US naval force provocation.   

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