Israeli airstrikes allegedly hit Iranian bases in Syria 

Israeli airstrikes allegedly hit Iranian bases in Syria 

Damascus: A Syrian organisation has claimed that Israel launched airstrikes on Syria’s Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor. The attacks that were allegedly made on Monday night, targeted warehouses storing weapons procured from Iran and laboratories used for developing chemical weapons. The strike is Israel’s seventh attack on Syria in the past two weeks.   

On Monday night, successive airstrikes were launched in northern Syria’s Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor regions. The attack on Aleppo targeted Iranian forces as also the arsenal of Iran-backed militia. A Britain-based human rights organisation and a war monitor reported the information. The arms stockpile was adjacent to the Syrian defence laboratory. Western intelligence agencies believe the laboratories are used to develop chemical weapons.    

The Syrian news agency SANA reported that the attacks occurred at Al-Safira in Aleppo. The report also states that the strikes were made on military bases and research facilities and claimed that some of them received retaliation. The news agency attributes the hits to Israel. According to a Syrian official, the warplanes that launched the attacks were reportedly seen in the Al-Tanf region, which is currently under US military control.   

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