Ukraine will have to withdraw from Donbas- Senior Ukrainian official admits  

Ukraine will have to withdraw from Donbas- Senior Ukrainian official admits  

Moscow/Kyiv: – Senior Ukrainian officials claimed that Ukrainian forces who have lost control over many important cities and major territory in the Donbas region would have to withdraw from Donbas. The Ukrainian governor in the Donbas region accepted that the Russian forces had entered the city of Severodonetsk. On the one hand, Russia has intensified attacks on the Donbas region and, on the other, has issued a warning to the western countries, including Ukraine, with a successful test of Zircon, the hypersonic missile. The US media claimed that the United States has agreed to supply the ‘Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System’ to Ukraine.   

Moreover, Russia gained control over the strategically important city of Lyman. This city is a part of the east-west road connecting important locations in Ukraine. Lyman is just 20 kilometres away from the vital transport and supply hub, Slovyansk. At the same time, both the cities of Bachman and Severodonetsk can be targeted from this location. Therefore, it is being claimed that with the control over Lyman, Russia will easily be able to take control over the Luhansk province and launch attacks on North Ukraine.  

Russia has intensified attacks on the other regions in Donbas after gaining control of Lyman. The Russian defence department informed that attacks were carried out on more than 600 locations and military systems of the Ukrainian military. These included more than 40 artillery units and 57 command posts. The Russian forces have entered the city of Severodonetsk, which is strategically very important for control over the Luhansk province. The Russian troops have taken over a vital hotel on the city’s outskirts.   

Furthermore, the Luhansk governor has acknowledged this. At the same time, senior Ukrainian officials confessed that the Ukrainian forces would have to withdraw from the Donbas region, given the intensity of the Russian attacks in Luhansk and other regions. First time since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict that the Ukrainian officials are making such statements. Therefore, even if the Ukrainian President and senior leaders, along with the western countries, are claiming a victory for Ukraine, it is becoming apparent that Ukraine will have to give up on the Donbas region. Analysts have warned that the loss of Donbas will come as a significant shock for Ukraine and its western supporters.   

Meanwhile, as Russia increases the intensity of attacks in the Donbas region, it has also tested the Zircon hypersonic missile. This test was conducted by a Russian destroyer deployed in the Barents Sea. The Russian defence department informed that the missile hit a target at a distance of 1,000 kilometres with precision. Russia has used many hypersonic and High Precision missiles during the Ukraine military campaign with great success. Against this background, Russia seems to have delivered a message to Ukraine and the western countries providing defence assistance to Ukraine with the successful test of this missile.   

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