Ukraine has not much time left to obtain Russian-seized territories

- warns US Congressman

Ukraine has not much time left to obtain Russian-seized territories

Washington/Moscow/Kyiv – If Ukraine wants to regain control of the Russian-seized territories of Ukraine, they have only a few weeks left, warned the senior US Congressman, Adam Smith. Smith also warned that the conflict would benefit Russia after the onset of winter. The leading US daily reported that the morale of the Ukrainian military wanes in the wake of Smith’s warning.  

 Russian-seized territories Moreover, Ukraine launched counter-attacks in Russian-held areas in early July. There were claims that Ukraine has achieved some success in this. However, Ukrainian officials have repeatedly said that long-range missiles, advanced fighter jets, and heavy weaponry are needed to achieve considerable success. But they did not get the expected Western response except from the United Kingdom. Against this background, the statement made by the US Congressman becomes noteworthy.  

Smith warned that the Ukrainian army needed long-range missiles and drones to turn the conflict to their side. He said that as the winter sets in, the two countries compete to see who can endure the longest, and Russia is likely to benefit. He added that Ukraine needs the most help now. He further stated that the next three to six weeks would be decisive for Ukraine. Smith had visited Ukraine with a high-level delegation last week. Thus, the warning given by him becomes significant.  

 Russian-seized territories

The US Congressman also claimed that Ukraine is willing to a peace deal with Russia, but before that, they want to regain some of the Russian-held territories. Currently, Russia has complete control over the Luhansk province in the Donbas region. In addition, more than 50% of Donetsk province is under Russian control. Moreover, Russia controls more than 70% of southern Ukraine’s Kherson and Zaporizhzhia provinces.  

Meanwhile, the US daily ‘New York Times’ has reported that the morale of the Ukrainian army has waned. After five months of the long conflict, the unity of the Ukrainian military began to disrupt, the US daily said. 

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