Be prepared for war – Chinese President Xi instructs PLA Marine Corps

Be prepared for war – Chinese President Xi instructs PLA Marine Corps

Beijing/Taipei: Chinese President Xi Jinping has told the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Marine Corps, an elite force from its armed forces, to be prepared for war. In a visit to a military base in Guangdong province, Xi Jinping issued the orders. A few days ago, PLA drills simulating attacks on Taiwan, are believed to have been carried out in the region. Given the recent events, Xi Jinping’s visit and instructions to remain ready for war may be a part of its preparations for an invasion. It is the second instance of Xi Jinping issuing such orders to his armed forces to prepare for war in the past five months.  

On Tuesday, President Xi paid a visit to a Marine Corps base in Guangdong. The Chinese President instructed the troops that ‘Marines are entrusted with the responsibility for several operations and are always expected to deliver. In present times, acquiring the necessary capabilities by raising the training standards is essential. Your training must prepare you for war. The Marines must put their mind and energy to prepare for war and maintain a state of high alertness.  At the time, the President also reminded the troops that it was their responsibility to protect China’s sovereignty, regional integrity and territorial waters as even its foreign interests. Chinese analysts believe Xi’s instructions for war-readiness and remarks on sovereignty and territorial waters, are indicative of a possible attack on Taiwan.   

In the past few months, China has faced a severe backlash from across the globe over the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, its economy is also suffering a massive hit, and the sentiment of discontent in China against President Xi is growing as well. Under such circumstances, Xi plans to consolidate his position by waging war. China is therefore engaging in aggressive military activities since the past few months at the LAC, East and South China SeaAs the Indian Army foiled his bid to invade India by keeping catching it off guard, Xi’s statements seem to suggest China has now moved its focus on attacking Taiwan.

The US boosting its cooperation with Taiwan is believed to have been a component attributing to Chinese President issuing instructions for readiness. The US has provided Taiwan with significant military assistance in the last year. It includes fighter jets, advanced missile systems and modern weaponry. Also, proposals suggesting the US build an army base in Taiwan have been tabled as well. Simultaneously, the country is deploying its aircraft carriers as also destroyers consistently in the South China Sea.   

The ruling Chinese regime is quite nervous and planning to launch an attack on Taiwan in an attempt to settle the issue once and for all. Previously, the regime had taken sweeping measures with respect to Hong Kong and attained success in taking control of the city-state. President Xi’s statements are hinting at China undertaking preparations to repeat the process in case of Taiwan as well.  

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