Ukraine conflict may evolve into world war due to mishandling by US President Biden

– Ex-US President Trump slams

Ukraine conflict may evolve into world war due to mishandling by US President Biden

Nashville: – Former US President Donald Trump criticized that conflict is being fought in Ukraine and that it is possible to culminate in a world war. The reason being that the United States mishandled the situation. Former President Trump added that such a situation would not have arisen if he were still the President of the United States. He further stated that President Putin would not have dared to attack Ukraine. 

world war, Moreover, Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on the policies of the Biden administration during his speech in the US state of Tennessee. The Biden administration has announced a defence aid worth $56 billion to Ukraine. Trump pointed out that Germany and France, which are much more vulnerable to the Ukraine conflict aftermath, have announced negligible aid for Ukraine compared to the United States.   

Furthermore, Trump said that the situation would not have been like this if Biden did not become the President through manipulations and scams in the presidential election. He also said he (Ex-President Trump) knows President Putin well and has had discussions with him. Therefore, he was aware of what would be the reaction if he attacked Ukraine. Trump launched scathing criticism that Putin launched the attack on Ukraine as a weak leader like Biden is at the helm in the United States.  

The repercussions of the Ukraine conflict are apparent in the internal US politics and criticism is gaining ground that President Biden has failed in stopping Russia. Amid this, accusations are rife that President Putin is responsible for the inflation and fuel price rise and President Biden is being accused of shirking his responsibility. Biden’s popularity is declining by the day. In the current scenario, there is a demand gaining ground in the Democrat party that Biden should not be the candidate for the Presidential elections coming up in 2024.  

Citing this, Former President Trump announced his candidature for the 2024 presidential election during his speech in Tennessee. He received a resounding response from those present in the meeting in Nashville in the state of Tennessee.   

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