UN condemns Saudi airstrikes on Houthi rebels in Yemen, which killed 77 civilians  

UN condemns Saudi airstrikes on Houthi rebels in Yemen, which killed 77 civilians  

Sana – At least 77 people were killed in airstrikes by Saudi Arabia and Arab allies’ military-led coalition in Yemen on Houthi rebel locations. The action by the military-led alliance of Arab countries was in response to drone and missile attacks by Houthi rebels on the UAE capital, which happened earlier this week. But, Houthi rebels accused Saudi of targeting a detention centre in Saada city, which killed civilians. Repercussions of this have been felt on the international level. Thus, the UN has noted it and appealed to Arab nations to stop the attacks.  

येमेनमधील हौथीFive days ago, Houthi rebels in Yemen had launched drones and ballistic missile attacks on the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. Two Indians were killed in this attack. Moreover, by stating that this action was a warning for the UAE regime, the Houthi rebels would attack more locations in the coming times, Houthi rebels had threatened. The military alliance of Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies then launched attacks on Houthi rebel locations.  

On Friday, the Arab military led coalition forces launched airstrikes on Houthi rebel bases in the northern city of Saada and in the western city of Hodeida. Of these, 77 civilians were killed in attacks in Saada city. According to a news channel affiliated with the Houthi rebels, Saudi fighter jets targeted the detention centre. The news agency channel said that 77 people were killed in this strike. Besides, the local human rights organisations also confirmed the news.  

Besides, the building of the telecom company in the city of Hodeida was destroyed a few hours later. It is said that the Saudi-led military coalition has carried out the operation as Houthi rebels control the company. Consequently, local human rights organisations have claimed that the Internet system in Yemen has completely collapsed. UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called to stop the attacks, citing both the incidences of Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies.  

येमेनमधील हौथीNevertheless, the military led coalition of Arab countries denied the allegations. A spokesman for the Arab military led coalition, Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, informed that the attacks had been carried out only at the locations of Houthi rebel. The action was carried out only after determining that there were no civilian settlements at the concerned location. Also, Maliki accused the Houthi rebels of misleading the international community by giving incorrect information.  

Meanwhile, the attacks by Houthi rebels in Yemen have intensified in the last few months. The Houthis, who launched ballistic missile attacks on the Saudi Arabia capital Riyadh last year, have also targeted the UAE capital. The European media has warned that the furious Arab countries may launch a strong attack on the Houthis. If that happens, Iran will leap into the conflict of Yemen. After that, a similar conflict between Iran against Saudi will erupt in the Middle East, European analysts are warning. 

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