Russian attacks in Ukrainian cities during EU and G7 meetings are warnings for West

- caution analysts

Russian attacks in Ukrainian cities during EU and G7 meetings are warnings for West

Kyiv: – It was concurred in one of the recently held European Union meetings that Ukraine will be awarded membership. However, within three days, Russia launched fierce missile attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The meeting of G-7 was held and it was decided in this meeting that all the possible assistance should be provided to Ukraine. After that, Russia showered missiles on Kremenchuk city. According to analysts in the United States and Europe, these Russian attacks are stern warnings for the United States and western countries.  

Russian attacksMoreover, the conflict in Ukraine is intensifying by the day. But, the possibility of ending this conflict, which started on the issue of the inclusion of Ukraine in NATO, is nowhere in sight. Sweden and Finland, the countries from the region under Russian influence, are joining NATO, and Turkey, which was against their inclusion, has changed its stand. The European Union leaders have concurred on awarding membership to Ukraine. Ukrainian President Zelensky said that Ukraine is preparing to join the European Union so that Russia does not attack Ukraine in the future.   

Considering that a vitriolic reaction may be received from Russia, the United States has announced massive deployments in Europe. Along with this, the United States and NATO are preparing to retaliate against the Russian aggression with deployments of advanced defence systems in Europe. In this scenario, Russia launched fierce missile attacks on the capital Kyiv and the city of Kremenchuk during the meetings of the European Union and G-7. Russia is delivering the message that Russia will never care for the strategic pressures of the West and Russia will instead retaliate strongly against it.   

Furthermore, Russia has prepared to deploy nuclear weapons in the neighbouring nation, Belarus and has warned that it may annex this country, which was a part of the erstwhile USSR. Belarus President Lukashenko has said that the new Cold War has started, saying he will stand firm with Russia. Appealing that Russia should not hesitate if the situation demanded the use of nuclear weapons, President Lukashenko has made the European countries aware of the serious consequences.   

Former US military official Ben Hodges claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin had insulted all the western countries by launching crushing attacks in Ukraine during the meetings of the European Union and G-7. Hodges warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin has recklessly demonstrated that he pays no heed to the United States and European countries by launching attacks on Ukrainian civilian settlements. Whereas, Russia and its allies are accusing the conflict of becoming more dangerous given the advanced weapons being supplied by the United States to Ukraine. 

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