Russia’s Wagner Group claims to have advanced past Bakhmutka River

- Ukrainian Army builds a fortified front at 'Azom Plant'  

Russia’s Wagner Group claims to have advanced past Bakhmutka River

Moscow/Kyiv: Last week, Russia’s Wagner Group, which acquired control of the area east of Bakhmut city and has advanced in the city. Military bloggers from Russia have made claims regarding this, and Russian military units are said to have entered south Bakhmut. While the Russian advance began, the Ukrainian Army set up a fortified front at the Azom plant in Bakhmut, indicating a Maripol-like struggle. Meanwhile, Poland and Slovakia have announced the supply of fighter jets to Ukraine.  

 Russia's Wagner Group Since the routes connecting to many Ukraine cities pass through Bakhmut, this city is considered strategically very important. If the city falls into Russian hands, it will make it easier for Moscow to attack towns in Ukraine. After seizing Bakhmut, Russia may launch attacks on Chasiv Yar, Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. As a result, Ukraine may have to lose control of the Donetsk and Donbas region.  

Since both sides are well aware of this, they are putting up a fierce battle to gain control over the city. The military units of both countries are fighting for every inch of land and are launching artillery firing, rockets and mortars at their opponents to destroy their enemy. Although Ukrainian supplies are almost over, their troops have been given orders to fight until the end. And on the other hand, Russia has left no stone unturned to acquire control of Bakhmut. Some military units and ammunition have also been deployed on other fronts for the battle of Bakhmut.  

The eastern and southern parts of Bakhmut are under the control of the Wagner Group and the Russian military. Only the western part of the Bakhmutka River is said to still be under Ukraine’s control. The Wagner Group has initiated efforts to cross the river, and claims of success in crossing a part of the river were made a few days back. And on the other hand, The Ukrainian Army has moved its focus to the ‘Azom Plant’, which has a factory complex in Bakhmut. Earlier, using the factories of the city of Mariupol, the Ukrainian Army had rattled the Russian Army for several days. They are believed to be preparing to use the same strategy in Bakhmut.  

Meanwhile, in the face of persistent requests from the Ukrainian regime, two European countries have announced plans to supply fighter jets. Poland and Slovakia will be providing Ukraine with MiG-29 fighter planes. It was announced that Poland would give four fighter planes while Slovakia would deliver 13. A Russian spokesperson has indicated that Russia will destroy all the aircraft provided by Poland and Slovakia.  

News reports suggest that a huge fire broke out at a building used by the intelligence agency in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. The local authorities informed that a short circuit caused the fire. However, sources revealed that the fire broke out due to the explosion of weapons from the stash in the building. Incidents of arson of buildings, malls and factories have become frequent in Russia, and there have been allegations suggesting the Ukrainian hand behind it. 

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