Russia has destroyed US rocket systems in Ukraine  

Russia has destroyed US rocket systems in Ukraine  

Washington/Moscow/Kyiv – It has surfaced that Russia launched effective attacks on defence (rocket) systems in Ukraine while the West is signalling an increase in arms assistance to Ukraine. In the last two weeks, Russia has destroyed four HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) supplied to Ukraine by the US. At the same time, the British intelligence agencies informed that Russia had increased the use of ‘Air Defence Missiles’. Meanwhile, Russia has accused Ukraine of launching dangerous drone attacks on a nuclear plant in Zaporizhzhia.  

systems in Ukraine, rocketMore than four months have passed since Russia launched a military campaign against Ukraine. During this period, Russia has succeeded in the Donbas region and southern Ukraine, and the Russian leadership has indicated expanding its scope. Ukraine has planned counter-attacks to stop this Russia’s advancement. However, due to heavy losses in the last four months, the Ukrainian army has to rely on foreign arms stockpiles.  

The United States, European countries and Australia have so far provided nearly $10 billion in defence aid to Ukraine, and fighter jets are likely to be added to it. Preparations have begun to deliver A-10 Warthog aircraft to Ukraine from the US. These fighter jets are renowned for effective air strikes. Even earlier, the US had proposed these planes to Ukraine. But Ukraine had demanded fighter jets like F-15 and F-16 from the US.  


However, Russia has started targeting these weapons received from the West. The Russian Defence Department informed that four of the HIMARS given to Ukraine by the US were blown up within just 15 days. Russia’s Defence Department explained that these systems were destroyed in the ongoing conflict in the Donbas region. Earlier, Russia had also said it destroyed stocks of cannons and rockets provided by other countries, including the US.  

Meanwhile, Russia accused Ukraine of dangerously attacking a nuclear plant in the Zaporizhzhia region. Russia said that Ukrainian drones attacked various parts of the nuclear project on July 18 and 20. Russia has released photographs of the same. Russia clarified that an attack happened near the cooling plant of the nuclear project, and hence, a major disaster was narrowly averted. Besides, Ukraine has claimed that Russia had deployed heavy weaponry in the nuclear project. 

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