West would fight Russia until the last Ukrainian

- Senior Russian official Sergey Kiriyenko claims 

West would fight Russia until the last Ukrainian

Moscow/Kyiv/London – Senior Russian official Sergey Kiriyenko severely accused Ukraine’s leadership of selling its people for NATO’s anti-Russian conflict. Kiriyenko also claimed that Western countries are happy to see Ukrainians giving their lives to protect their interests and will continue the struggle against Russia to the last Ukrainian. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that at least seven Russian fighter jets have been destroyed in an attack on a Russian defence base in Crimea. The satellite photographs of this attack have been released, and Western countries, including Ukraine, have blamed Russia’s claims for being false.  

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Sergey Kiriyenko works as the Deputy Chief of Office of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. During an event, he presented his position on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. ‘We understand very well that on the territory of Ukraine, we are not at war with Ukraine and, of course, not with Ukrainians. The entire NATO bloc is fighting a war against Russia – on the territory of Ukraine and by the Ukrainians’ hands. They (the leadership of Ukraine) have let their country, their territory and, worst of all; their people be used. They provided the territory of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine in an attempt to build a fundamental confrontation between the Western community against Russia on that territory. Of course, NATO will be eagerly fighting, as they themselves do not hesitate to declare against Russia to the last Ukrainian and without a trace of remorse,’ Kiriyenko alleged.  

पाश्चिमात्यIn the background of this accusation by the Russian authorities, the information about the attack in the province of Crimea has come to light. On Tuesday, it surfaced that there were several explosions and a massive fire at the defence base Saki in Crimea. Russian officials had claimed the accident was internal. However, the US company has released satellite photographs of the attack on the base. Some buildings and fighter jets stationed at the base seem to be damaged. Western officials claimed that at least seven Russian fighter jets got destroyed. Besides, Ukraine has said to have hit nine planes. However, concrete information has not been given on how exactly the attack occurred. Ukrainian authorities have claimed that the army’s Special Operations Command carried out the attack. Some Western media have claimed that Ukraine may have used long-range missiles or airstrikes.  

After the information about the attacks on Crimea was released, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, once again raised the issue of the annexation of Crimea. Zelensky warned that the Russia-Ukraine conflict would not end until Ukraine regains control of Crimea. Zelensky also warned that Crimea is part of Ukraine, and we will never give up our rights to it. Meanwhile, after the announcement of one billion dollar defence aid by the United States, the UK and Denmark also announced new arms support. British Defence Minister Ben Wallace said that new ‘multiple launch rocket systems’ were being sent to Ukraine. Moreover, Denmark informed that defence assistance of 11 crore euros is being provided. Reports had recently been released that only 30% of the weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries reach the defence forces of Ukraine.  

Russian forces have managed to enter two towns in eastern Ukraine in the past 24 hours, the Defence Ministry said. It includes Bakhmut and Soledar. At the same time, Russia also claimed that most of the regions of Piski and Marinka cities were under their control. Furthermore, information has come to the fore that the Ukrainian forces launched an airstrike in the Beryslav area of Kherson province. 

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