US is waking up to the threat the Chinese Communist regime poses to our nation, says National Security Advisor  

US is waking up to the threat the Chinese Communist regime poses to our nation, says National Security Advisor  

Washington: Robert O’Brien, the US National Security Advisor, in candid and fierce words reprimanded the Chinese leadership. ‘The days of American passivity and naivety regarding the People’s Republic of China are over. America, under President Trump’s leadership, has finally awoken to the threat of the Chinese Communist Party’s actions and the threat they pose to our great way of life,’ the National Security Advisor said. O’Brien lambasted at Chinese President as he said that President Xi Jinping saw himself as the successor of the deceased Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.   

Chinese Communist, US, chinaThe US has initiated a diplomatic war with China holding it accountable for the Novel Coronavirus that has killed millions across the globe. The US President, Donald Trump has taken the lead in the fight and even other nations are raising caution against the Coronavirus as also other threats from China. The US administration has taken important and sizable decisions to curb Chinese activities in the US. Also, it has planned a campaign to inform the local populace of the Chinese conspiracies. As part of the campaign, senior members of the Trump Administration will be paying a visit to various parts of the country to present China’s stand before them.  

Chinese Communist, US, chinaThe barrage of criticism from O’Brien is considered the start of the campaign. Many senior officials such as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Attorney General William Barr, Director of the investigative agency FBI Christopher Wray and others are to follow his lead. On the sidelines of the Coronavirus crisis, there is mounting discontent among the US citizens and the efforts initiated by the US administration draw much attention.   

‘I am not attacking the Chinese people but the Chinese Communist Party. As China grew richer and stronger, we believed that the Chinese Communist Party would liberalize to meet the rising democratic aspirations of its people. This was a bold, quintessentially American idea. It was born of our innate optimism and by the experience of our triumph over Soviet communism. Unfortunately, it also turned out to be very naïve,’ said O’Brien as he asserted it could be considered the biggest failure of the US policy on China.   

Chinese Communist, US, china‘The Chinese Communist Party wants to remake the world according to its principles and control the thinking of people living beyond its borders as well. The Party policy is detrimental to the US values and way of living. Also, the US is not targeting the Chinese people but only the Chinese Communist Party, which does not equal to China,’ the National Security Advisor stated in sharp words and once again underscored the threat from the Chinese Communist Party.   

As Trump and other officials from his administration are raising awareness of the threat the Chinese Communist Party poses, the noose of the US administration action against the regime is increasingly tightened. On Wednesday, the US Department of Defense announced a list of 20 Chinese companies linked to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Furthermore, as per the US National Defense Authorization Act of 1999, the US President reserves the right to ban them. The list includes the names of leading Chinese companies such as Huawei, Hikvision, China Mobile, AVIC, Panda Electronics group. Some of the Chinese firms had already been placed under restrictions. 

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